2016-04-10 Lackluster Live at Kontula Electronic 2016

Hi guys, welcome to my gig at Kontula Electronic on the 15th of April between 21.00-23.00. or something.
See you there. I guess I'll bring a few Slice + Showcase CDs.

2016-03-17 Oh hai guys

Here's Newsletter#009 AND Newsletter#008. Ain't that grand?

Also, did you know about the Avaruusromus Esa Ruoho Special? Surely not. Well, here's a link to the article. Get your Finnish on:
Avaruusromua Esa Ruoho Special Essay written by Jukka Mikkola

2016-01-27 Lackluster Live at Myllikän Elektroillat

Eastern Helsinki-dwellers ahoy! Lackluster will be performing at Myllypuron Mediakirjasto on the 17th of February 2016.
More information in Finnish at Facebook Event page

2015-11-09 Samuel James: Soul Deep Remixed (with Lackluster Remix) released!

Available on Junodownload