2017-07-29 Lackluster live at Ilmiö Festival, Uittamo Paviljonki, Turku, Finland (FB-event)
2017-08-05 Esa Ruoho live at Kukemuru festival, Pärnu, Estonia (FB-event)
2017-09-07 Esa Ruoho live at LOVI Ambient Club, Helsinki, Finland
2018-xx-xx Lackluster live at TBC, Bratislava, Slovakia
2018-xx-xx Lackluster live at TBC, Scotland

2017-04-16 Ambidextrous Records release LAX by Lackluster!

The Scottish label Ambidextrous Records have just released LAX!

2017-04-16 V/A: Cottage Industries 6 released with exclusive track "Hihatsh2" by Lackluster!

Here we go! A massively nice compilation from Neo Ouija, called Cottage Industries 6 - with exclusive music from Arovane, Bauri, Roel Funcken, Christ, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Metamatics, Tim Koch, Novel 23, Ambidextrous, Qeshi, G.I.S., Coppice Halifax, Ghostwerk & Zebra.. And so on. Actually, that's all there was. Here's the Bandcamp link, the Apple Music link and the rest you can dig out yourself!

2017-03-30 Sapphirine Phlant: Spacedust Polymorph (with Lackluster remix) out now on Detroit Underground!

Yep, Detroit Underground released an ep by Sapphirine Phlant - with a remix by Lackluster on it. Link to Bandcamp here

2017-01-12 Now available on Discogs! Esa Ruoho 55 minute chrome cassette tape!

Grab it here, signed by me, via discogs!
also. Kaukana Väijyy Ambient Bandcamp-store