2015-03-22 Esa Ruoho: Parched Throat now out on Bandcamp and 1 copy CDr. Order now!

Only one copy left, buy it from me! Get a signed copy of Parched Throat in your mail. Otherwise, just grab the digital version.



2015-03-19 V/A: Tensegrity now out on ...txt Recordings

...txt recordings, the label run by Lee Anthony Norris a.k.a. Metamatics, has released their Tensegrity - compilation, with Lackluster: The Four Ebbs on it.


2015-03-18 Lackluster: The Stationary Trout Ep now on Bandcamp!

Now in FLAC/MP3 formats!

You can stream it via: https://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/the-stationary-trout-ep

2015-03-03 Less than 21 hours to go on the indiegogo campaign.

Less than 21 hours to go on the Indiegogo campaign. Check it out, if you like.