Can'o'Lard: None of that EP now on Bandcamp

The debut Ep from Can'o'Lard (just another Lackluster pseudonym you've never heard of) is now on Bandcamp. Dig in and enjoy!
None of That Ep on Bandcamp

Ambidextrous Records release LAX by Lackluster!

The Scottish label Ambidextrous Records have just released LAX!

V/A: Cottage Industries 6 released with exclusive track "Hihatsh2" by Lackluster!

Here we go! A massively nice compilation from Neo Ouija, called Cottage Industries 6 - with exclusive music from Arovane, Bauri, Roel Funcken, Christ, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Metamatics, Tim Koch, Novel 23, Ambidextrous, Qeshi, G.I.S., Coppice Halifax, Ghostwerk & Zebra.. And so on. Actually, that's all there was. Here's the Bandcamp link, the Apple Music link and the rest you can dig out yourself!

Sapphirine Phlant: Spacedust Polymorph (with Lackluster remix) out now on Detroit Underground!

Yep, Detroit Underground released an ep by Sapphirine Phlant - with a remix by Lackluster on it. Link to Bandcamp here

Now available on Discogs! Esa Ruoho 55 minute chrome cassette tape!

Grab it here, signed by me, via discogs!
also. Kaukana Väijyy Ambient Bandcamp-store