2015-03-03 Less than 21 hours to go on the indiegogo campaign.

Less than 21 hours to go on the Indiegogo campaign. Check it out, if you like.


2015-02-04 Lackluster: Merck Package released!

Yes, it's true. Merck Records could be gone, yet we released a wonderful set of records together. So here you can find a few rather rare, vinyl-only releases in FLAC/MP3 format, purchasing enabled via Bandcamp. http://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/merck-package

2015-02-03 Unbelievable. With 29 days to go, we just reached $999!

Hi. Wow. We went over the $600 goal and are now at $999. There's lots to celebrate, check the celebration links on my indiegogo project page.

I've posted two stretch goals. If we get to the 2nd stretch goal before end of the campaign, I'll have to really rack my brain and come up with something extra. Let's see if I have to. :-)

#1: $1111 - when we reach this, every person that has donated to the campaign receives two previously unreleased Lackluster EPs, exclusive to the campaign. They won't be sold on Bandcamp or made available in any other way. Also, everyone receives a digital download code for both the Slice and Spaces albums.

#2: $1354 - all perks from $1111 but also free download codes for Lexicon of Goods AND Merck Package.

Yes. i've announced the Merck Package for pre-order: http://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/merck-package.

Check out the Indiegogo at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/to-purchase-145-lackluster-cds-to-re-sell-them/x/373141

2015-01-23 Take part in reclaiming Slice from oblivion by helping Lackluster with a crowdfunding effort!

Here's your chance to get lots of fun perks (vinyl, cd, digital downloads) and support Lackluster by helping with a crowdfunding effort trying to raise $600.


I'll be announcing interesting stretch-goals once we get to 85% done!